• Quilts are completed in the order in which I receive them. If you aren't quite finished with your quilt, you are welcome to call and ask that it be added to the list. I will let you know when I am about a week from being ready to work on yours. If I haven't received your quilt when I am ready to begin working on it, you will forfeit your place in line.
  • Payment in full is expected upon completion of work. I accept cash, check, and credit cards.
  • You will receive 15% off the first quilt I complete for you.
  • As a thank you, if you refer a new customer to Frolicking Threads, you will receive 10% off the next quilt I complete for you.

For Customers Who Ship Quilts

  • When your quilt is received, I will let you know that it has arrived safely. At that point we will set up a time to discuss your quilt, including the design you would like, thread choices, etc.
  • Please do NOT use packing peanuts when sending your quilt. (If you feel the need to use some type of packing material, wadded up plastic grocery bags work great, and don't make a mess.)
  • Your quilt will be returned to you via USPS or UPS. If you have a preference, please let me know.
  • Payment is expected PRIOR to the quilt being returned to you.